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Situated in the heart of Northampton, the Northampton Visitor Centre is where the town’s history and contemporary allure converge. Beyond its role as a mere tourist information point, this vibrant hub serves as a repository of local wisdom and is key to unlocking the hidden gems of the district. Staffed by dedicated volunteers, each possessing an intimate understanding of Northampton’s historical tapestry and attractions, this is where your journey begins.

The volunteers who generously dedicate their time to the Northampton Visitor Centre are impassioned custodians of their town’s heritage.  Whether you are a history enthusiast, eager to delve into the annals of the town’s past, or a traveler in search of the most authentic local experiences, our volunteers are your trusted guides. Unlock the knowledge of Northampton’s preeminent attractions, ranging from its iconic heritage to its local food, art, and good old country hospitality.

You’ll find the Northampton Visitor Centre adjacent to the RSL complex, a prominent landmark within Northampton.

It acts as both a source of information to visitors and a place to get a keepsake of your visit — be it a postcard, quality souvenir or a locally crafted memento capturing the town’s quintessence. They also make thoughtful gifts to share with loved ones.

Pop into the Northampton Visitor Centre, today.

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