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Western Australia’s Convict History

In the heart of Western Australia’s vast landscapes lies Lynton Station, a place that bears witness to a significant chapter in Australia’s history. Established in 1853, Lynton Station holds the distinction of being the first convict depot north of Fremantle, a testament to our rich Australian history.

Convicts at Lynton Station: Labor for the Mines

During its operation, Lynton Station played a pivotal role in supplying labor to the nearby mines. Over 60 convicts were housed on these grounds, their toil helping drive the early mining industry in this region. These men, marked by their convict pasts, were an integral part of the labor force that shaped the economic landscape of Western Australia.

The Legacy of Sanford House

Today, the legacy of Lynton Station endures in the form of Sanford House, a historical relic that stands as a silent witness to the events of yesteryears. This enduring structure has weathered the test of time and stands as a living testament to the resilience of those who once called this place home.

Restored Quarters: Preserving History

In recent times, concerted efforts have been made to restore the old quarters at Lynton Station. This endeavour aims to preserve the history of this site for generations to come. Visitors can now step back in time and gain a glimpse into the lives of the convicts who once inhabited these quarters, providing a window into a bygone era.

A Must-See Stop on the Way to Hutt Lagoon

For travellers and history enthusiasts alike, Lynton Station is a must-see stop on the journey to Hutt Lagoon. It serves as a poignant reminder of Australia’s complex past, where the echoes of convict labor reverberate through time. Amidst the vast beauty of Western Australia’s landscapes, Lynton Station stands as a place where history comes alive, inviting all who visit to connect with the stories of those who shaped this land.

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