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Northampton Railway Precinct
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Gwalla Railway site


Crane Mary Street

Mary Street



Welcome to the Northampton Railway!

The Geraldton to Northampton railway line is very historically significant as the first government railway line in Western Australia. The Northampton Railway also plays a significant part in the town and region’s history. During its period of operation, the railway played an essential role in farming, mining, public transport, postal services and other routine activities. With limited availability of alternative transport mechanisms at the time, the railway was relied upon heavily by all that lived in or had contact with the area.

The Gwalla Railway Station was the Northampton station along the Rail Line from Geraldton to Northampton for many years, before the Mary Street Railway Station was built in 1913. The Geraldton to Northampton line was officially opened in 1879 and the Northampton to Ajana line later opened in 1913. The entire line was officially closed on 29 April 1957.


Remnants of the Gwalla Railway Station site is now open to the general public. There is a replica rail line, picnic table, building remnants, interpretive signage, a circa 1890 rail truck and walk trail that covers the whole are, including two wells.



The Northampton Mary Street Railway Precinct, located at the east end of Mary Street off Hampton Road, is the site of the second Railway Station built in 1913. The historical and original buildings and items still found at the Precinct include a station office (built of stone and a credit to the builders of the day), rest room, platform, weighbridge, turntable and Station Master’s House. The stone office now houses memorabilia, as does a shed in the Precinct. The Rest Room was restored in 2012/13 to return it to original condition. Some repair work was done on the office at the same time.

Within the wider grounds of the Precinct, a static display of historic railway memorabilia can be viewed by the public at any time of the day throughout the year. A disability ramp was built at the platform in 2015.

The following items of Rolling Stock have been acquired over the years and are located at the Mary Street Railway Precinct. These items are representative of the rolling stock items that would have been used at the Precinct during railway operation.

(1)          H Class Rail Truck                      Made. 1895.

(2)          M Class Rail Truck                     Made.  1870 – 1890

(3)          Float.                                        Made.  1909.

(4)          DC Covered Van                        Made.  Circa 1950s.

(5)          JOA Oil Tanker                          Made.  Circa 1950s.

(6)          LA Ballast Hopper                       Made.  Circa 1950s.

(7)          ZD23 Combination Brake/ Freight Van.  Made.  Circa 1890s. (Classified by the National Trust of WA)

(8)          T line series Diesel Loco model 1804    Made.  1967.

(9)          General purpose Trike.

(10)        ACL406 Passenger Carriage

(11)        Stock Race

(12)        ADT9 - Governor Bedford car trailer under restoration

The Mary Street Precinct is Heritage listed.


In the early 1980s the Northampton Shire Council obtained the carriage situated at the Caravan Park (opposite the Visitor Centre). This carriage was built in 1905 by Westralia Ironworks Limited, Rocky Bay, (Rocky Bay Ironworks), North Fremantle and is one of only 18 built and two left, this one being in the most original condition.


Bob & Mary Taylor, the owners of the Station Masters House and the caretakers for the Mary Street Railway Precinct and Railway Carriage located opposite the Visitor Centre, are always willing to show visitors around their railway displays. You can contact them on (08) 99341118. Otherwise, the items of rolling stock and buildings at the Precinct can be viewed by the public all year round without a guide.

Location of Mary Street Precinct: Turn eastward onto Mary Street off Hampton Road (main highway) at the Northampton Motor Hotel. The Mary Street Railway Precinct is located at the end of Mary Street, into the gravel Precinct area.

Mary Street Railway Precinct

Mary Street