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Port Gregory

Port Gregory, located 47km northwest of Northampton along a sealed road. Port Gregory provides a beautiful scenic drive through hills and valleys and wildflowers in Spring. The sheltered waters and exposed reef at low tide are a feature of the endless white beach and are adjacent to the stunning Pink Lake.

The Pink Lake gets its spectacular colour from the algal blooms of the microscopic algae Dunaliella salina. Dunaliella salina algae bloom when conditions are salty, sunny and warm, as found in the Hutt Lagoon near Port Gregory. The algae produce carotenoids to protect themselves from these harsh conditions and the carotenoids are what gives the lakes their unusual and beautiful colours.

The algae is cultivated and harvested in the Hutt Lagoon and the natural mix of carotenoids (including beta and alpha carotene, cryptoxanthin, lutein and zeaxanthin) are extracted. These are then sold world-wide for use in dietary supplements, aquaculture feeds and as a natural food colouring.

Within the townsite of Port Gregory you will find a children's play area, family barbeque equipment and beachside shelters Enjoy the beach, fishing, diving, safe boat anchorage and launching and don't forget to try and catch the one that got away from the local jetty.

The local Port Gregory General Store is open 7 days a week and offers fishing tackle and bait, ice, liquor, take away food and snacks, souveniers and beachwear. Phone (08) 99351013.

Close to Port Gregory is the Lynton townsite, a historic settlement built by convicts in the mid-19th century. This convict hiring station employed convicts to work at the local Geraldine Mine and local pastoral stations. Some of the buildings have been restored and the convict hiring depot, Sanfords House and the old barn are a must see when visiting the area. For more information on Lynton contact (08) 9935 1040.


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