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Saturday 13th October 2012

Join the Northampton locals to see an exquisite array of colourful patchwork quilts hung from buildings down the main street. There are many styles of patchwork quilts both old and new displayed, a must see for anyone who loves crafts and the memories of yesteryear.

Enjoy browsing through the local produce or grab a bite to eat. You will find market stalls selling homemade fare, crafts, and food of all kinds.

If you enjoy a street parade you will love the Northampton Airing of the Quilts as old cars, costumed people and a band make the day more colourful.

Keep an eye out throughout Northampton too for our mannequins- "Circle of Friends".

So come:........
Enjoy the carnival atmosphere:........
Experience some:.......
Real country life!

Happy Quilting!